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Al Tannour

Opening hours: 8.00 pm - 3 am

Carlos' Favourites

Almost every night I allow myself to pass by and stop in the kitchen to see and try what Chef Elias is preparing for his late diners. Pure traditional and tasty Lebanese food set menus with an extraordinary twist, composed by the chef’s creative mind. Ask for specials, you will find grilled small birds, stuffed cabbage with lamb chops or even Beluga caviar for special occasions. 

Lean back and relax, order some nice food, whiff a tasteful sisha and enjoy the belly dancing show during you meal. Don't forget to book in advance, this place is always full!

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Al Tannour
  • Al Tannour

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    * Please note, our menu items are rotated frequently. As such, not all listed items are available at any given time.

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