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Bluefin tuna is a migratory fish which pass through the narrow waters between Spain and Morocco accessing to the Mediterranean Sea on their search for warmer waters to lay their eggs. Since during this period, tuna doesn’t eat, this precious fish spends the previous months accumulating as much fat as possible in order to have energy enough accomplish with the whole trip without stop. That means, during the period between April and August, almost all tuna existing on Earth are full of fat and passing by this 4.5 km Mediterranean’s water gate, where experimented fishermen, using ancient fishing techniques inherited from Arab culture more than 2000 years ago, are waiting with their nets to capture them, one by one, respecting other sea species and the maximum kg quote imposed by Spanish and Moroccan governments on their commitment to preserve this species.

Due this special characteristics, this tuna is one of the most valued products by worldwide chefs and rare is the piece which doesn’t end up in daily flights to Tokyo or any other important fish markets around the globe.

The piece we received yesterday was a beautiful 148 kg specimen which made us suffer & enjoy like newbies trying to optimize all cuts and extract as much pieces as possible without to damage the texture. After 4 hours and a half of work (still feel pain in my kidneys today ;-)) we got a 110 kg of fantastic read meat and 27 kg of belly saturated of amazing, natural and healthy fat………

This tuna is now available in many different preparations at Sakura, Al Fresco and Oscars!

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